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Koroleva str, 83 Code...02

Address: Tairova, Odessa
Location: 7th floor
Price for 4 or more nights - $60/night.
For 1 night rent: +$10.00 surcharge
For 2-3 nights : +$5.00 per night surcharge
A small, but cute apartment.
Interior, furniture and accessories are of an excellent quality and are made with great taste.
There is a two-sleeping soft folding sofa and a two-sleeping bed, fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom.
INTERNET connection can be provided for your lap top. If you require this please ask for it in the "Additional requirements" window when booking your apartment.
Odessa, studio apartment, apartment by the day, Koroleva, Tairova, photo of Odessa, VeseliyMakler
*air conditioner
*washing machine
*cable TV
*electric kettle
*bath tub
*hot & cold water (24 hrs a day)
*apartment cleaning (2 times per week)

*Сolumnist Denisova J
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