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Zhukovsky str, Code...13

Address: Zhukovsky str,
Location: 2th floor
Price for 4 or more nights
- $60/night.
For 1 night rent:
+$10.00 surcharge
For 2-3 nights :
+$ 5.00 per night surcharge
Cosy and very lovely apartment of the total area 46 sq.m. with 2 bedrooms and a nice bathroom. Recently renovated, apartment is new and clean. Furniture whitegoods and entertainment system.
Odessa, 2 bedroom apartments, 1room apartment, apartment by the day, Zhukovsky str, photo of Odessa, VeseliyMakler
*air conditioner
*washing machine
*cable TV
*electric kettle
*hot & cold water
(24 hrs a day)
*apartment cleaning
(2 times per week)
INTERNET connection can be provided for your lap top.

*Сolumnist Denisova J
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