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Commercial prospects of Odessa

Today, in an economic crisis, In Odessa unique possibilities for business development open:

1. Low rates on rent of the commercial real estate, in the areas most favorable for business:
Warehouses - from 3 USD for square metre;
Offices - from 10 USD for square metre;
Shops - from 20 USD for square metre;
Restaurants - from 15 USD for square metre;

2. The low prices for purchase of the inhabited real estate:
Old fund - 1000 USD for square metre;
Apartments in skyscrapers - 1500 for square metre;
Apartments in a historical part of a city - 2000 for square metre;
Apartments in new elite houses - 2500 for square metre;
Thus rates on rent of apartments, were fixed on 12 % a year.

3. A huge demand among young families in inexpensive apartments. Possibilities for building of new houses with apartments the area of 20-25 square metres. Only in Odessa to 10 000 young families the apartment on credit wait. Their possibilities on credit payments to 300 USD in a month.

4. A huge reserve of highly professional experts:
Tourist agents.

5. The low price for the earth in a resort zone - from 10000 USD for 100 square metres.
Possibilities for building and development of inexpensive tourism and rest.

6. The huge warehouse areas / to 250 000 square metres / are free
The rent price:
Open warehouse platforms - from 2 USD for square metre;
The equipped warehouses of an average level - from 3 USD for square metre;
Specialised warehouses - from 4 USD.
It is good possibility for use of warehouses in the transit purposes, and for time storage of cargoes.

7. And this most important thing. Inhabitants of Odessa are ready to interesting and fruitful work.

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