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Cultural Odessa

Historically the culture of Odessa was formed by several powerful national layers. Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish, Greek, Armenian, French and Italian, and later Turkish and German components are closely bound in a city cultural heritage. City language, besides national lines, reflects both historical, and social changes in a city life. Aggressive illiteracy of the poor, has got in days of Civil war/17-24 years/, a lustre of noble family and refinement.

Criminal language of the Moldavnka has mixed up with professorial camp language, during mass reprisals of 30-50th years, and it was strongly fixed as unique language of a city.

Today the structure of townspeople in large quantities varies, and radically varies language. What will win? A simple, rural dialect or a flashing Odessa dialect? It will show time.

Various faiths and youth groupings, business elite and theatrical stage, violent Ukrainization and primordial Russian roots.

These are components of that test from which today it is formed, both culture, and new shape of a city.

Culture of Odessa, this your subjective perception of our really living objective city. To get acquainted with our culture, it is necessary to resemble our streets, to communicate to inhabitants of Odessa and to have a drink beer in "Gambrinus".

You should visit Opera House and scientific library of a name Gorky;

To visit on a football match of "Chernomorets" and a chapel on Marina;

To try solar Odessa wine and to play chess on the Cathedral square.

Get acquainted with the Odessa artists, writers and musicians, visit at night in Arcadys, and in the afternoon catacombs.

Then come, and we will talk about culture of Odessa.


*Сolumnist Denisova J
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