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Galleries of Odessa

The modern art life of the city is richly submitted in numerous individual exhibition galleries.
The most interesting and serious are:

-the Gallery Decor, That is on Malaya Arnautskaya street, 46;

-a Sea gallery located in a building of seaman palace on Primorskiy boulevard, 9;

-art-gallery on Uyutnaya, 5;

-gallery the House of Frapolli on Grecheskaya, 43;

-Liberty on Langeronovskaya street, 26;

-galleries Choven, the White Moon and other.

-The gallery Art-studuio on Uyutnaya, 5 has opened not so long time ago. A small yard and first floor of the house of all construction were united into a natural art complex: a tiny garden in front of the gallery halps to set up on a perception of beauty, works of the artists of gallery set up on lyrical perception of flower-beds and shaggy steps of Odessa yard The owner of Gallery Tatyana Binovskaya has felt and has enabled other people to understand this quiet untiresome charm.

The gallery works from 10.00 till 18.00 o`clock. Day off Sunday.

There is one more place in which Tanya and Radu Binovskiye have inhaled a new life Sea gallery. It was open in the Palace of seamen to 200-anniversary of Odessa, and after the opening astonishment has come. How in such city as Odessa there were no galleries till that time, where the marinists were exposed? The gallery is unique. There is no the similar one not only in the Ukraine, but also in any other city of the CIS countries. An oldest known marinists of Odessa and young artists from Nikolaev and Feodosiya are exposed here.

The Odessa Montparnase is Deribasovskaya.

This street is a unique historical and architectural monument. It is the heart of the city. It is closed for transport. In the summer time the whole space of Deribasovskaya is studded by umbrellas that cover white tables from the hot sun. A coffee smell, laughter, music, shatches of conversations Two young lions designate an entrance to Gorodskoy Sad (City Garden).

The Soborny square. It is possible here to see the students of an art school of Grekov, artists-fans, and sometimes a known foreman, who got depressed in the workshops. The Soborny square is a fovourite place for creative discussions, dialogue with the spectators.

*olumnist Denisova J
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