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Museums of Odessa

Archeological museum

An oldest museum in the city Archeological based in 1825. It places in a building, built in 1883 by the project of an arhitect F. Gonsiorovskiy (Langeronovskaya street, 4).

Historico-ethnographical museum

The history department of Odessahistorico-ethnographical museum is located in a building, built in 1876 on the project of an architect F. Gonsiorovskiy ( Gavannaya street, 4 ).

Museum of the Partisan Glory

The Museum of the Partisan Glory is very popular. It is located in a suburban village Nerubayskoe. It is possible to get acquainted with it by taking part in the excursion Feat Of Odessa In Great Patriotic War. The museum is built under the project of architects B. Golod and V. Mironenko. An obelisk and a sculpture group National Avengers are established close to it. An overhead part of an exposition tells about the history of catacombs, about the role, the catacombs played in the life of underground. Under the ground, in the catacombs the conditions of partisan camp are reconstructed.

Museum of Marine Fleet

The museum is placed in a building of a former English club, built by the project of an architect Torricelli in 1842 (Langeronovskaya street, 4).

Literary museum

A Literary museum of Odessa was placed in a Palace, constructed on the project of known architect L. K. Otton in city center, on a slope to the sea (Langeronovskaya street, 2).

Museum of Western and Eastern art

The museum of Western and Eastern art is located in a building that is an architectural monument,built in 1858 by the project of an arhitect L. Otton (Pushkinskaya street, 9).

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