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Parks and squares of Odessa

Shevchenko park

T.G.Shevchenko central culture and recreation park was originally called Alexander's park in honor of emperor Alexander II.
A dolphin center is situated on the "Langerone" beach.
Marazliyevskaya str.,1

Park of Victory

The victory park, which is situated on Shevchenko avenue, has a beautiful pond with fountains.
There are also playgrounds and sand play grounds for the kids, different flowers and trees in the park.

Aleksandr's Square

Alexander Square is centrally located in the Alexander Avenue

Odessa botanic garden

The first tree in the garden was planted by Alexander Langerone, and when Pushkin came to Odessa, it was already shady enough.
At the time being, there are over 3000 species of different age living at 16 ha area of Odessa National University Botanic Garden of French blvd.

Preobrazhenskiy park ( Illyich park)

Was opened in May 1937 and was built on the First Christian cemetery former location.
But still it is the historical part of the city.
Odessa zoo is situated rather close to the park.
Luna-Park entertainment park is situated in Preobrazhenskiy park.
Novoshchepnyi ryad str., 27

Gorky culture and recreation park

Gorky culture and recreation park green zone laying begun in 1961 with the help of city green zone trust and the city community. The park itself was founded in 1973. There are over 6000 trees on its territory.
In the park, one can visit Moscow movie house and different amusements.
Cosmonauts str., 17a

The city's Garden

City Park is located in the center of town near the street Deribasovskaya

The Duke's Park

There is a park on the street Bulkowski
Green theaters, platforms and sports grounds construction and opening, entertainment programs preparing an carrying out, different amusements installing, inventory hire.

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