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Zoo in Odessa

The Odessa zoo is in city centre, near to the well-known Privoz. In a collection 2000 copies of animal 245 kinds are, including: lions, leopards, brown bears, zebras, monkeys, the African ostriches, pelicans.

The Odessa zoo – a unique zoo in Ukraine where the Indian elephants breed, already in the third time they became happy parents and visitors can see the small elephant calf by name of Djuk. The nursery on cultivation of birds of prey, owls and cranes works also.

In a zoo the collection of tropical fishes, rare species of reptiles and amphibians is presented. Biggest of the Eastern Europe presented in zoos a crocodile Gosha is exhibited.

The exhibition "Surprising world of insects" works.

Survey and thematic excursions are offered visitors: "the World of the Indian elephants", "In the world of birds", "Inhabitants of water-marsh grounds", etc.

Here it is possible to drive on a pony, the llama, a camel, a phaeton, to have a bite in cafe. For kids there is a children's playground and attractions.

Operating mode:
in the summer from 9.00 till;
In the winter with 9.00до17.00 (without days off)

Cost of tickets:
children till 5 years free of charge, with 5 till 14 years – 3 UAH,
adults - 5 UAH.

The address:
Odessa, street Novoshchepnoj rjad a number, 25.
Ph.: 34-47-74, 25-14-73.

*Сolumnist Denisova J
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