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Cup of Odessa on Cuptesting and the championship of Ukraine for coffee roasting

Вторник, Октябрь 23rd, 2012

25 — 27 October 2012 will take place important event in the coffee life of not only the southern region, but the whole country. Except qualifying I South Ukrainian Barista Championship will be raffled off Cup of Odessa on Cuptesting and … will be held the first Ukrainian Championship on coffee roasting in the history of our country!

October 25

14:00 Gathering of participants of I South Ukrainian Barista Championship.

15:00 Draw of participants of I South Ukrainian Barista Championship.

15:30-20:00 Training of participants of I South Ukrainian Barista Championship

October 26

9:00-10:30 Calibration of jury

11:00 Opening of I South Ukrainian Barista Championship

11:30 Semi-final of I South Ukrainian Barista Championship

17:00 Announcement of finalists of I South Ukrainian Barista Championship.

October 27

8:00 Training of finalists of I South Ukrainian Barista Championship

11:00 Opening of Cup of Odessa on Cuptesting

11:30 Semifinal of Cup of Odessa on Cuptesting

13:30 Final of Cup of Odessa on Cuptesting

15:00 Final of I South Ukrainian Barista Championship

18:00 Awarding of finalists and participants of Cup of Odessa on Cuptesting

19:00 Awarding of finalists and participants of I South Ukrainian Barista Championship. Announcement of the winner.

Odessa Fund of cactus-lovers «Asterias» invites you to the All-Ukrainian exhibition of cacti

Понедельник, Август 13th, 2012

Odessa Fund of cactus-lovers “Asterias” invites all visitors and residents to the All-Ukrainian exhibition of cacti, which will take place August 17-19 at the Kulikovo Field.

The exhibition will feature more than 2 million cacti and other succulents from many greenhouses of Ukraine — Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Fastov, Kharkov, Nikolaev, Vinnitsa, Kherson, and, of course Odessa!

Vlad and Tatiana Lipsky will arrive again with their cacti and succulents from the known farm of Vinnitsa. Residents of Odessa and visitors can actually see at the exhibition really blooming cacti, succulents, mini-bonsai, grown by hands of Ukrainian collectors. During the three-day exhibition which will run from 10 to 18, there will be held consultations on how to grow cacti and other succulents, how to get blooming, how to transplant and to water these mysterious plants.

Also in the first day will be the report of Victor Gapon (Moscow) on the theme «Cacti of South America» with viewing the slides.

Odessa director Dmitry Dybin finishes shooting of a the film «Triptych»

Пятница, Август 3rd, 2012

In the near future, only in the cinema «U-CINEMA» on French Boulevard, 33, will premiere the film by Dmitry Dybin «Triptych.»

Still from the film TRIPTYCH, Odessa

Dmitry Dybin makes movies with the use of computer graphics. He shoots films for a long time — he had already shot 27 short films. More recently he has received awards at two Russian festivals — the main prize at the festival of amateur film in Nizhny Novgorod («Golden Arrow») and a special prize of the festival of Vedic film in St Petersburg — for the same short film «The split.»

Dmitry started to do «Triptych» a year and a half ago. This is a joint project of Dmitry Dybin and Tatiana Chervoniy. For various reasons filming was interrupted, once even made a decision to close the project. During a creative time-out in the «Triptych» Dmitry filmed and showed in several film festivals «The split». During this time attitude to the «Triptych» was reconsidered, appeared a deeper look on the topic, and Dmitry returned to the deferred plan.

Budget is minimal — creators spent on the film about $ 200. Filming took place at the sanatorium «Ukraine». Shooting area is premises in the emergency building; they were destroyed right on our eyes. So we had to change the place of filming.

The film «Triptych» narrates about relationship between mother and son from mother’s womb until the death of both.

Wait for the announcement of the film by Dmitry Dybin and Tatiana Chervoniy «Triptych»

Yaroslava Denisova / Photo and Video Dmitry Dybin

Art-tsunami attacked the rocks of Odessa

Воскресенье, Июль 29th, 2012

The realities of the body and soul in the space of creative possibilities!

The creative camp is located on the shore of the Sea in Odessa on the «Climbing wall». «Art-Tsunami» is a fairy tales, myths, motor-acoustic improvisations, performances, mandalas, installation, Play Back Theatre on the shore and aquapraktice at sea. The project organized by Shpatkovskaya Gertruda — President of Association «Psyche», perinatal and family therapist and Ekaterina Rebrova — art therapist, director of the Odessa branch of art therapy association of Ukraine.

Shpatkovskaya Gertruda:
— I have been doing for many years perinatal and family therapy. My primary audience is pregnant women and children. At the forum «Life before birth and after …» we talk a lot with friends and colleagues — followers of different areas of art therapy. The core of the participants of “Art-Tsunami” was formed here, at the beach in Odessa. Among the participants are:

Playback Theatre of Kiev «Déjà vu plus» (director Vladimir Savinov);
Sknar Oksana (Kiev) — art-therapist;
Schikleena Elena (Minsk) — musician, performer, trainer of teams of development;
Mova Lyudmila (Kiev) — head of the center «Maluma & Takete», dance and movement-therapist, teacher of modern dance, performer;
Olga Kebas — choreographer, teacher of modern dance, dancer, performer;
Breusenko-Kuznetsov Alexander (Kiev) — fairy-tails-therapist;
Sargunas Tatiana (Moscow) — Head of «Sargunas Aqua Center»;
Bauer Marina (St. Petersburg) — Underwater Extreme
Mitsevich Varvara (Minsk) — yogini, a master of corporal practices;
Ekaterina Chernaya (Moscow) — Japanese painting.

The program of «Art-Tsunami» includes also Extreme-practice: rock climbing, bungee jumping, jumpers for hire, diving-immersion.

Mova Ludmila:
— I combine psychological knowledge and experience of contemporary dance in my work. Breathing, dynamic straightening of the axis of the skeleton, articulation work of body parts, working with the center and periphery, circles, the work on the feeling of the volume inside the body and the body in space, balance-counterbalance, sound, energy, emotion — all these are important components of human life. Laban-analyze and Basics of Bartenieff I see as a universal harmonious developing system of personality. I actively use it in my work combining with the various techniques of art-therapy.

Olga Kebas:
— I acquired most of the knowledge and skills from instructors from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and America (jazz-modern, contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation, composition, partnering, flying low, research and analysis of movement, performance, physical theater, yoga, qi -gun). I have experience of teaching modern dance since 1998. At present I am a teacher of modern dance in school of choreographic art «KMUAD»

Andrei Baranov:
— I am an ideological producer of Kiev Playback Theatre «Déjà vu plus» (director Vladimir Savinov). Playback Theatre is a theater of improvisation, where the «writers» are themselves spectators, and professional actors enliven heard stories and pictures, play proposed situations with the participants from the audience, turning improvisation into a complete action.

Schekleina Elena:
— I work with the interaction and the «mutual influence» of music and dance. I explore and experiment with rhythm — sound — breathing — movement. The body is as a sounding tool, tool (sound) is as a continuation of the body. During operation one of the main goals is the creation of space and atmosphere for creative expression, healthy initiative, the disclosure of personal potential, and of course — getting pleasure from the process. I am extremely fond of to move and to sound in different forms and formats, solo and together, fooling around and do something big and serious, explore, observe and create. I try to enjoy what is happening and to share experiences with others.

Katerina Chernaya:
— At the heart of Japanese painting lies the art of Buddhist monks. This is contemplation and deep understanding of the nature of things, and then through improvisation, embodiment of images. We use classic materials — ink on rice paper.

Marina Bauer:
— It happens that for most people the art of opening eyes underwater, do not lighten up and harboring breathing more than five seconds at first seems unreachable. However, the desire to try, and as I suggest, to play in the model, pushes them to at least try. And then starts the song! By the end of hour of work in the water models safely forget about their fears. I have invented underwater portfolio as an exercise in learning to swim adults, pregnant women and parents with children. After looking the results of the work, everyone is able to evaluate his achievements, enjoy success, and most importantly, see the mistakes and want to correct them. Underwater photography is so fascinating process that for a great shot, we are able to much! And transfer of attention from your fears related with water to quite another «objects», helps to take these fears from the sphere of actual to the field of funny last.

Igor Potapov / translated by Jaroslavf Denisova

Unusual flowers have bloomed in «Beit Grand»

Воскресенье, Апрель 29th, 2012

   Talented artist and amiable woman — a doctor Svetlana Karachun presented her collection of unusual flowers.

   Flowers, made with a great love of polymer clay: violets, tulips, lilacs and other flowers look like a «live» and they seem to exude a flavor, and you want to touch them and breathe it.

   As noted by Svetlana: «The inspiration came to me last spring with the first spring flowers, and forever settled in my heart. «She creates her great and unique compositions after a hard day in the 9th City Hospital, where she works and helps the sick. Svetlana once joked that the main problem of all patients is stagnation in the brain, lack of demand and a bit of lazy … Time for creativity is always there, it would wish. The exhibition features approximately 50 works made ​​in the direction of «Hand made», which is actively and successfully developed in our city.

Larisa Valevskaya / Jaroslava DENISOVA

In the Odessa region the wolves got up to mischief

Вторник, Ноябрь 29th, 2011

   Wolves have become a real problem for farmers of Kominternovsky district of Odessa region. Only one of them during the past summer lost fifteen sheep.

   Local people appealed for help to the department to combat poaching of Black Sea gaydamaс connection.

   The first raid of unit, thanks to master of sport of stand shooting, Alexander Shapiro, reduced the stock of gray in Kominternovsky area per individual.

PaleRoyal, Odessa, VeseliyMakler

Source and photo: In Odessa

Autumn. Fishing on the predatory fish

Среда, Октябрь 19th, 2011

“Late autumn brings hungry pikes and zanders.”
A fishing portent Baraboy

   There’s no stopping autumn from spreading its reign, and the Indian summer is almost gone. Stubbornly, the leaves are still present and evergreen against all the odds, although each morning leaves them insecure and wondering whether this is for long. Soon enough they will dance their final dance with the turbulent winds of autumn, and will be laid to rest on the hyaline of the many ponds and rivers of Odessa.

   Patient carp-lovers are still busy occupying the shores, but they are quite aware of their time being limited. The pike and the zander eagerly anticipate the coming cold and start the biting. Intuition tells them of the change of season, and naively they eat everything that comes their way, thus hoping to survive the winter.

   Eager carnivore fishers begin packing their gear and google fishing forums on the web, asking for the carp fishers to leave the Baraboy for good; the Baraboy river being the most accessible Odessa spot for fishing in autumn.

   The time for a carnivore? It definitely is, and no doubt about it!

Rest in Baraboy year round


Ukraine, Odessa,25th km Ovidiopol Road, st. Polevaya, 27
«Baraboyskaya Estate»

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