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OIFF 2013: Jos Stelling presented his new film at the Fourth OIFF

Четверг, Июль 18th, 2013

The famous Dutch director Jos Stelling that had visited Odessa in 2010 as chairman of the international jury of the First OIFF has presented Odessites and guests of the city at the film festival his new film «Maiden and the Death.» («Het Meisje en de Dood»).

Starring: Russian actors Renata Litvinova Sergei Makovetskii, Leonid Bichevin, Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks, previously played in «Duska».

The plot of the film includes three time periods — the end of the XIX century (youth of hero of the film Nikolay), the fifties of the XX century and the present day. Nikolay returned to the abandoned hotel, where fifty years ago, he met his unique love. Overcome by memories, he relives the tragic story of his youth, becoming both the narrator and hero of the story.

At a press conference author of the films «De Illusionist», «De wisselwatcher», «De vliegende Hollander», «Duska» told about the idea of film, about Russian literature, Russia and Russian people, about his past works, about metaphors of life, about that is it worth to play with time, about cinema and love.

He stressed that deliberately removed from the film «Death and the Maiden» humor that makes it difficult to develop the film tensity, generated due to two opposites — a man and a woman. Love for the heroine, a TB patient, leads to a sad end because it becomes mortally dangerous for her.

This picture is the co-production of the three countries: Russia, the Netherlands and Germany. Three languages — Russian, German and French — sounded in the tape. According to Jos Stelling, viewer does not need to be a polyglot to understand it.

Christina Krizhanovskaya

OIFF 2013: Odessits looked Oscar-winning film «Closely Watched Trains» («Ostře sledované vlaky») by Jiri Menzel at Lanzheronovsky descent

Четверг, Июль 18th, 2013

A special screening of the Oscar-winning film «Closely Watched Trains» was held in Odessa, in the Stella Artois Cinema at Langeron Descent. It was presented personally by the director and writer Jiri Menzel.

Czech master of cinema, who earlier, on Monday afternoon, held a workshop for the participants of film school, was pleasantly surprised by the number of viewers, especially young people, who are interested in his work.

«It’s such an old film, it was shot long before the majority of those audience was born» — said the director.

Jiri Menzel is not only the director and screenwriter, but he is also film and theater actor. He became one of the most influential figures in the formative period of so-called «Czech New Wave» in art and cinema in particular.

The movie «Closely Watched Trains», which was filmed on the novel by Czech writer and laureate of Bohumil Hrabal Nobel Prize, became the first feature film for 28 years old Menzel and it has brought him worldwide fame. Filmed in 1966, the movie won the «Oscar» in the category of Best Foreign Language Film in 1968, and it was nominated for a BAFTA Award and the «Golden Globe» in 1969.

In 1969, Menzel shot a polemical film «Larks on a string» («Skrivánci na niti»). The film was banned by the authorities and was released only in 1990, winning the «Golden Bear» at the 40th Berlin International Film Festival.

In 1986, the award-winning Czech again appeared on the list of nominees for the Academy Award with his black comedy «My central village» («Vesničko má středisková»). Menzel was a member of the jury at international festivals in Berlin and Moscow.

OIFF 2013: Ukrainian horror «Sinevir» was screened in Одесса

Вторник, Июль 16th, 2013

The first film from the OIFF «Ukrainian Gala Premieres» section became Ukrainian horror «Sinevir».

Horror with Ukrainian production, «Synevir» was presented to audience by the scriptwriter Oleksandr Alyoshechkin, who is also a co-director together with his brother Vyacheslav, producer Vladimir Khorunzhyi and Alexey Kashin, representer of the company «3D Planet».

Anticipating long-expected release of Ukrainian films in Ukrainian theatres, the Odessa festival has ambitions to show the national film industry in the full genre diversity: from metaphysical plunging into other worlds to stylish action and horror films.

The action of the horror film «Synevir» – virtually the first Ukrainian 3D picture – is set in the Soviet Carpathians, around Lake Synevir. Strange events disturb the campers’ quiet pleasant holiday far away from civilization in this mysterious part of the world. The authors promise that the local legends and their full of visual effects screen adaptation will definitely reach everybody.

Presenting the film producer Volodymyr Khorunzhyi told: «Total budget of «Synevir» equals one day of «Avatar” filming», though the Ukrainian thriller is nearly as good as its Western analogues, and that it has been awarded Grand Prix at the Third International 3D-stereo Festival in Moscow.

OIFF 2013: The program of Russian films started from a movie by Viktor Shamirov “The Game of Truth”

Понедельник, Июль 15th, 2013

OIFF 2013: The program of Russian films started from a movie by Viktor Shamirov “The Game of Truth”

The program of Russian films supported by The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation started this year from a movie by Viktor Shamirov “The Game of Truth”.

It was presented by leading actors Gosha Kutsenko and Irina Apeksimova.

The movie by Viktor Shamirov “The Game of Truth” is about friendship and strokes of fate: three friends and their mutual first love meet for the first time after many years and, fighting embarrassment, decide to tell the truth to any questions of each other.

By the story, based on a popular play by French playwright Philippe Lellouche, three former classmates about 40 years old gather at the flat to talk, drink vodka and remember the youth. Rollicking businessman Mark wants to call the girls, but does not find support from friends: auto dealer Gennady more out of habit remains faithful to his wife, and the owner of the flat — a physicist and a loser Anatoly — has prepared a surprise for all. He invites the star of their course Maya, in which all three of them were in love with 20 years ago. Talk four together was difficult until extremely frank play of truth started. Friends learn about each other something that might have preferred not to know. Can their relationship take the test of truth?

Presenting the movie at the stage, Gosha Kutsenko thanked Odessa people for their warm welcoming of Viktor Shamirov’s films with him acting “The Practice in Beauty” and “That’s What Happening to Me” which were demonstrated at OIFF in 2011 and 2012. This first night was special for the actor, among the viewers there was a “godfather” of his career in cinema, an actor Yuri Kuznetsov.

Irina Apeksimova also shared her personal memories: “Lots of good things started on this stage, I made my debut here and both my life and career have been successful afterwards. I wish this movie to have no worse destiny than mine”.

At the press-conference after the screening, journalists got a hold of a production team for one hour. Actors Gosha Kutsenko and Irina Apeksimova, producer Andrei Novikov and Yuri Kuznetsov talked about first love, personal drama and even about problems of disabled people.

Gosha Kutsenko said the movie was brave and honest, underlining that theatre director Viktor Shamirov has proved to be a great cinema director, too. To wrap the meeting up Gosha Kutsenko pointed out: “All of us wanted to become somebody and all of us have failed to become what or who we wanted. But when two loving hearts meet, you can move forward”.

The competition programs of the OIFF have been announced

Воскресенье, Июнь 16th, 2013

11 films were selected for the OIFF International Competition. The majority of the film directors are debutants or emerging filmmakers, nevertheless, they already collaborate with the leading actors of Europe, USA and Asia.

In his debut feature ‘The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman’ award-winning American commercial director Fredrik Bond gathered international star cast – Shia LaBeaouf (‘Transformers’), Evan Rachel Wood (‘The Wrestler’), Mads Mikkelsen (‘Casino Royale’) and Til Schweiger (‘Rabbit Without Ears’).

Chili film director Alicia Scherson starred Rutger Hauer (‘Blade Runner’) in her picture ‘The Future’.

Tim Roth and Peter Mullan performed in the second feature of the young British director Craig Viveiros — ‘The Liability’.

In the debut feature of Indian director Ritesh Batra ‘The Lunchbox’ the leading role was performed by Bollywood and Hollywood star Irrfan Khan (‘Slumdog Millionaire’).

In the OIFF International Competition Russia is represented by director Aleksandr Veledinskiy with existential drama ‘The Geographer Drank His Globe Away’ starring Konstantin Khabenskiy.

Much-anticipated and the most discussed Ukrainian film project of the year – ‘Parajanov’ by Serge Avedikian & Elena Fetisova, biopic of the legendary Armenian-Ukrainian film director of the 20th century – is represented in two OIFF’ competition programs at the same time – International Competition and Ukrainian National Film Award. This year ‘Parajanov’ will also appear in the competition section East of the West at Karlovy Vary IFF. Among the nominees for the Ukrainian National Film Award in the feature section are visionary film by Ihor Podolchak ‘Delirium’, social dramedy by Valentyn Vasyanovych ‘Credenza’ and surrealistic phantasy by Alisa Pavlovskaya ‘I don’t wanna die’, featuring real Odessa’ culture underground characters.

There are 12 films in the shorts section of the Ukrainian National Film Award – award-winning ‘Nuclear Waste’ by Myroslav Slaboshpytskyy (Silver Leopard at Locarno IFF , Grand-Prix at Kinoshok IFF); ‘Nympho’ by Oleg Borshchevskyi – Ukrainian probe at erotic movie; documentaries -independent project by Olexandr Techynskyy ‘Sirs and Misters’ and ‘Junk Edit’ by Dmytro Gluhenky; as well as other films, the majority of which are debuts.

Press Service of the OIFF 2013

«Crystal Love» by Oksana Drozdova at «Master and Margarita»

Понедельник, Август 20th, 2012

We invite odessites and guests of the city to a unique concert — magic vocal show «Crystal Love», the main heroine of which will Petersburg singer, winner of the International Festival Oksana Drozdova!

«Oksana Drozdova is bright, original personality — a combination of the beautiful lyric-dramatic soprano and true acting talent,» — said about her Yevgenia Chernysheva, teacher on a vocal and other musical subjects at the musical faculty of the University of Liverpool (England).

Oksana Drozdova will present you an amazing, gentle by music concert program: favorite romances and songs from movies, songs of own composition and works of popular classical music.

«Childish and adults, naive and serious, happy and sad alternated in songs and romances of this evening, like white and black keys of the piano. Touching with those and other keys, we heard real music of life and saw the multifaceted image of the singer. And no wonder that being still in such a tender age, evolving in spite of all the laws of show business, Oksana Drozdova is loved and known … «(from the article the journalist N. Voronova» Singer Oksana Drozdova. «) Full article you can find here: http:/ /

Dates of and time of the concert: August 18 at 20:00 — Art Café «Masterskaya» (Odessa, Gavannaya Str., 6) August 24, at 19:00 in the literary salon «Master and Margarita» (Odessa, Olgievskaya Str., 9)! This vocal show is a real musical miracle that is worth to hear! »

Jarislava DENISOVA

The final of the Ukrainian Cup of Nations Danone passed in Odessa

Четверг, Июль 26th, 2012

The final of Ukrainian Cup of nations Danone passed in Odessa — a children’s football tournament, which was attended by the young players 10-12 years old from all over Ukraine.

After three days of qualifying games at the fields of training base FC «Chernomorets» in Otrada and final matches at the stadium «Spartak» the winner was defined (it was the team of school № 25 of Kremenchug) Now kids have to defend the honor of Ukraine in Warsaw, where will pass international matches of Cup of Nations Danone

Source: site of the Odessa regional branch NUJU

Helen Krupnitska

Art exhibition «Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance» at the Art center at Pushkinskaya

Четверг, Июль 26th, 2012

The public organization «Association of Falun Dafa» presents an exhibition of artwork «Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance», which will take place from 1 to 10 August at the Art Center by address Odessa

Pushkinskaya Str., 32. Opening — August 1 at 17.00.

The exhibition includes reproductions of 18 artists from the United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand and China — total of 26 paintings. Most of them are made in oil on canvas in the style of «Renaissance», a few works are made on paper in traditional Chinese style.

Picture plot shows the search for the true purpose of human life, the origins of good and evil. A work of art is not just a picture — it is a tool with which artists can express the truth.

Jaroslava DENISOVA

Review of films of the Odessa International Film Festival

Пятница, Июль 20th, 2012

«Royal Romance» (En kongelig affære).
Finally, a wonderful historical film directed by Nikolaj Arcel. The film takes us to Denmark of the 16th century in the reign of King France. The cruel world in which, your freedom is limited by your position at the court, but free-thinkers are there, and they cancel torture, censorship of the press, make it possible to get an education, and transform Denmark into a progressive country. The king even received a letter from Voltaire, in which he writes that Europe admires their progressive country.

It reliably shows the events of that time taking place in the country: the plight of the peasants, rakish and lordly living of possessing power and money, and their unwillingness of innovations. When a smallpox epidemic breaks out, they refuse to help people. This film has it all — conspiracy, betrayal, coup, love and hate of the king.

«Havana, I love you.» (7 días en La Habana)
The team of Cuban filmmakers created a real saga about Havana. And they love it, from Monday to Sunday. Incendiary Cuban dances, rituals, familiarity with the city, absurd situations, nescience of English or Spanish, and the issues that discuss heroes of these stories — all this is interesting, fascinating and beautiful.

«To Rome with Love».
Film for the rest by the talented director and comedian Woody Allen drew the attention of the viewer of Odessa, was demonstrated with the full house as in the «Rodina» and at the Odessa Theatre of Musical Comedy.

Love is love, but there is a lot of humor in the film, and Alan himself pours them as from a horn of plenty. It is cheerful and exciting film. And although on the sidelines we heard remarks about the great expectations, the event that took place is always greater than unfulfilled expectations.

Heroes of the film are not only recognizable, but also live next. Here is a mother alcoholic wondered how to go on living — gives up drinking, come to her senses, waiting for children but a severe tragedy takes away their lives. A young guy beaten up to death in the train and his girlfriend, with whom they are married today in the church, tears «emergency brake» and cut the vein. The entire film consists of such tragedies.

The film is scary brutal in its reality. And even more it is terrible by the fact that these are real snapshots of life in contemporary Russia.

«Love with a focus».
What is love? How man can feel it? Well, certainly not with the heart, the scientists say, and explain that the heart — it’s just muscle. Then with what? With skin? With brains? About this reason the movie characters. In the film are many different accents of love. A couple of young people escape from home in Georgia, so as not to part (the girl’s father against their communication). Tbilisi, picturesque landscapes and extraordinary adventures — all this is their world, full of love. Another couple is secured, held, working in the cinema industry; over the years lose interest in each other. Constant accusations and attempt to achieve leadership in family relationships lead to divorce. But tests once again lead them to each other. A young girl, who very much wants to marry, goes on vacation to Georgia. Golden wedding for the following film characters. And all this is with wonderful songs of Vakhtang Kikabidze and Nani Bregvadze.

«The Gulf Stream under the iceberg».
Absolutely incomprehensible, mythical film carries to the world where something of extra-terrestrial origin is. And this something is a wonderful, beautiful and dangerous Lilith. She excites and drives men crazy. What is it — revenge or a game? Or naked essence or carnal desire? Joint Russian-Latvian film is a «dark horse» of the Odessa International Film Festival.

Larisa Valevskaya / translated by Helen Krupnitska

Battles «K2 Promotions» will be held in Odessa again

Среда, Июль 18th, 2012

The company of Klitschko brothers «K2 Promotions» holds title fights in Odessa again

A year ago, Alexander «Lightning» Spirko, here in Palace of sports in a 10-round fight for the title of World Champion for the WBC Youth in the first middleweight answered all the questions of the opponent and defeated Tanzanian Selemani Saidi.

Alexander Spirko snatched victory from the Tanzanian Selemani Saidi (photos and video of last year’s battle)

July 21, 2012 in Odessa Palace of Sports in the main duel of the evening Vyacheslav Uzelkov will fight for the vacant title of Intercontinental champion WBO at light heavyweight. In the second fight the world champion under versions of WBC, IBO and boxingIBF among young Alexander «Lightning» Spirko will fight for the title of European champion for the WBO in junior middleweight.

Helen Krupnitska

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