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The Baraboy Homestead The Baraboy Homestead is an excellent option for hosting corporate parties, panels, workshops and other major events against the beautiful backdrop of Ukrainian nature. The Homestead is located on the shore of the unique Baraboy river, 25 km southern of Odessa. Read in Russian …

   You will have a multi-purpose hall at your full disposal which can serve both as banquet room or conference room. Bar is also available, and the Baraboy Homestead terrace is perfect for breaks and recreation. There is a swimming pool for the uninitiated, but the connoisseurs will surely appreciate a dive in the Baraboy river or an evening row.

   Rooms available: single, standart, suites. The rooms keep up with the European standarts of hotelwork and ensure comfort and effective service. The Baraboy cuisine is famous for its touch and boasts some of the most exceptional dishes out there, one of them being Duck à la Baraboy. Those looking for some real action might want to stay in authentic hunting lodges equiped with genuine fireplaces and located just some 10 meters away from the main Homestead.

   And in order to make your experience full and complete, you might want to try your like with a fishing rod on the shore of the Baraboy reservoir. You are certain to find out that your local supermarket is not the only habitat of the big fish — you may as well catch it yourself, right here, right now; a little practice is all it takes.

The Baraboy HomesteadThe Baraboy HomesteadThe Baraboy Homestead

Rest in Baraboy year round


Ukraine, Odessa,25th km Ovidiopol Road, st. Polevaya, 27
«Baraboyskaya Estate»

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