Review of films of the Odessa International Film Festival

«Royal Romance» (En kongelig affære).
Finally, a wonderful historical film directed by Nikolaj Arcel. The film takes us to Denmark of the 16th century in the reign of King France. The cruel world in which, your freedom is limited by your position at the court, but free-thinkers are there, and they cancel torture, censorship of the press, make it possible to get an education, and transform Denmark into a progressive country. The king even received a letter from Voltaire, in which he writes that Europe admires their progressive country.

It reliably shows the events of that time taking place in the country: the plight of the peasants, rakish and lordly living of possessing power and money, and their unwillingness of innovations. When a smallpox epidemic breaks out, they refuse to help people. This film has it all — conspiracy, betrayal, coup, love and hate of the king.

«Havana, I love you.» (7 días en La Habana)
The team of Cuban filmmakers created a real saga about Havana. And they love it, from Monday to Sunday. Incendiary Cuban dances, rituals, familiarity with the city, absurd situations, nescience of English or Spanish, and the issues that discuss heroes of these stories — all this is interesting, fascinating and beautiful.

«To Rome with Love».
Film for the rest by the talented director and comedian Woody Allen drew the attention of the viewer of Odessa, was demonstrated with the full house as in the «Rodina» and at the Odessa Theatre of Musical Comedy.

Love is love, but there is a lot of humor in the film, and Alan himself pours them as from a horn of plenty. It is cheerful and exciting film. And although on the sidelines we heard remarks about the great expectations, the event that took place is always greater than unfulfilled expectations.

Heroes of the film are not only recognizable, but also live next. Here is a mother alcoholic wondered how to go on living — gives up drinking, come to her senses, waiting for children but a severe tragedy takes away their lives. A young guy beaten up to death in the train and his girlfriend, with whom they are married today in the church, tears «emergency brake» and cut the vein. The entire film consists of such tragedies.

The film is scary brutal in its reality. And even more it is terrible by the fact that these are real snapshots of life in contemporary Russia.

«Love with a focus».
What is love? How man can feel it? Well, certainly not with the heart, the scientists say, and explain that the heart — it’s just muscle. Then with what? With skin? With brains? About this reason the movie characters. In the film are many different accents of love. A couple of young people escape from home in Georgia, so as not to part (the girl’s father against their communication). Tbilisi, picturesque landscapes and extraordinary adventures — all this is their world, full of love. Another couple is secured, held, working in the cinema industry; over the years lose interest in each other. Constant accusations and attempt to achieve leadership in family relationships lead to divorce. But tests once again lead them to each other. A young girl, who very much wants to marry, goes on vacation to Georgia. Golden wedding for the following film characters. And all this is with wonderful songs of Vakhtang Kikabidze and Nani Bregvadze.

«The Gulf Stream under the iceberg».
Absolutely incomprehensible, mythical film carries to the world where something of extra-terrestrial origin is. And this something is a wonderful, beautiful and dangerous Lilith. She excites and drives men crazy. What is it — revenge or a game? Or naked essence or carnal desire? Joint Russian-Latvian film is a «dark horse» of the Odessa International Film Festival.

Larisa Valevskaya / translated by Helen Krupnitska

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