Odessa director Dmitry Dybin finishes shooting of a the film «Triptych»

In the near future, only in the cinema «U-CINEMA» on French Boulevard, 33, will premiere the film by Dmitry Dybin «Triptych.»

Still from the film TRIPTYCH, Odessa

Dmitry Dybin makes movies with the use of computer graphics. He shoots films for a long time — he had already shot 27 short films. More recently he has received awards at two Russian festivals — the main prize at the festival of amateur film in Nizhny Novgorod («Golden Arrow») and a special prize of the festival of Vedic film in St Petersburg — for the same short film «The split.»

Dmitry started to do «Triptych» a year and a half ago. This is a joint project of Dmitry Dybin and Tatiana Chervoniy. For various reasons filming was interrupted, once even made a decision to close the project. During a creative time-out in the «Triptych» Dmitry filmed and showed in several film festivals «The split». During this time attitude to the «Triptych» was reconsidered, appeared a deeper look on the topic, and Dmitry returned to the deferred plan.

Budget is minimal — creators spent on the film about $ 200. Filming took place at the sanatorium «Ukraine». Shooting area is premises in the emergency building; they were destroyed right on our eyes. So we had to change the place of filming.

The film «Triptych» narrates about relationship between mother and son from mother’s womb until the death of both.

Wait for the announcement of the film by Dmitry Dybin and Tatiana Chervoniy «Triptych»

Yaroslava Denisova / Photo and Video Dmitry Dybin

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