Aeronautica will travel to space flight from Plyazhnik

August 29 Group Aeronautica will present «Space flight» in club «Plyazhnik» on 13th of Fountain.

«Space flight 2012» is an audio-visual concert program, implemented on the basis of the first Soviet science fiction film «Space flight» about space exploration created by «Mosfilm» in 1935. The premiere took place on 21 January 1936. The film was produced with the assistance of K. Tsiolkovsky.

The composition combines cinematography and music of space travels, created with the difference in 70 years, but representing a single whole. Except broadcast of the film, to pass retro-futuristic atmosphere, video designers have reconstituted the fantastic architecture of Moscow, used in the movie about 70 years ago.

This new movie-musical project called «Space Voyage 2012» was implemented by leader of the group Mummy Troll Ilya Lagutenko with a young electro-rock group «Aeronautica», to the music of which the film will be demonstrated in «Plyazhnik»

Ilya Lagutenko will attend virtually, as a cartoon character and will perform his hits «Black Hole», «Not a star,» and «Youth» on which the group «Aeronautica» wrote hyip-remakes

Jarislava DENISOVA

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