OIFF 2013: The program of Russian films started from a movie by Viktor Shamirov “The Game of Truth”

OIFF 2013: The program of Russian films started from a movie by Viktor Shamirov “The Game of Truth”

The program of Russian films supported by The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation started this year from a movie by Viktor Shamirov “The Game of Truth”.

It was presented by leading actors Gosha Kutsenko and Irina Apeksimova.

The movie by Viktor Shamirov “The Game of Truth” is about friendship and strokes of fate: three friends and their mutual first love meet for the first time after many years and, fighting embarrassment, decide to tell the truth to any questions of each other.

By the story, based on a popular play by French playwright Philippe Lellouche, three former classmates about 40 years old gather at the flat to talk, drink vodka and remember the youth. Rollicking businessman Mark wants to call the girls, but does not find support from friends: auto dealer Gennady more out of habit remains faithful to his wife, and the owner of the flat — a physicist and a loser Anatoly — has prepared a surprise for all. He invites the star of their course Maya, in which all three of them were in love with 20 years ago. Talk four together was difficult until extremely frank play of truth started. Friends learn about each other something that might have preferred not to know. Can their relationship take the test of truth?

Presenting the movie at the stage, Gosha Kutsenko thanked Odessa people for their warm welcoming of Viktor Shamirov’s films with him acting “The Practice in Beauty” and “That’s What Happening to Me” which were demonstrated at OIFF in 2011 and 2012. This first night was special for the actor, among the viewers there was a “godfather” of his career in cinema, an actor Yuri Kuznetsov.

Irina Apeksimova also shared her personal memories: “Lots of good things started on this stage, I made my debut here and both my life and career have been successful afterwards. I wish this movie to have no worse destiny than mine”.

At the press-conference after the screening, journalists got a hold of a production team for one hour. Actors Gosha Kutsenko and Irina Apeksimova, producer Andrei Novikov and Yuri Kuznetsov talked about first love, personal drama and even about problems of disabled people.

Gosha Kutsenko said the movie was brave and honest, underlining that theatre director Viktor Shamirov has proved to be a great cinema director, too. To wrap the meeting up Gosha Kutsenko pointed out: “All of us wanted to become somebody and all of us have failed to become what or who we wanted. But when two loving hearts meet, you can move forward”.

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