OIFF 2013: Ukrainian horror «Sinevir» was screened in Одесса

The first film from the OIFF «Ukrainian Gala Premieres» section became Ukrainian horror «Sinevir».

Horror with Ukrainian production, «Synevir» was presented to audience by the scriptwriter Oleksandr Alyoshechkin, who is also a co-director together with his brother Vyacheslav, producer Vladimir Khorunzhyi and Alexey Kashin, representer of the company «3D Planet».

Anticipating long-expected release of Ukrainian films in Ukrainian theatres, the Odessa festival has ambitions to show the national film industry in the full genre diversity: from metaphysical plunging into other worlds to stylish action and horror films.

The action of the horror film «Synevir» – virtually the first Ukrainian 3D picture – is set in the Soviet Carpathians, around Lake Synevir. Strange events disturb the campers’ quiet pleasant holiday far away from civilization in this mysterious part of the world. The authors promise that the local legends and their full of visual effects screen adaptation will definitely reach everybody.

Presenting the film producer Volodymyr Khorunzhyi told: «Total budget of «Synevir» equals one day of «Avatar” filming», though the Ukrainian thriller is nearly as good as its Western analogues, and that it has been awarded Grand Prix at the Third International 3D-stereo Festival in Moscow.

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