OIFF 2013: Odessits looked Oscar-winning film «Closely Watched Trains» («Ostře sledované vlaky») by Jiri Menzel at Lanzheronovsky descent

A special screening of the Oscar-winning film «Closely Watched Trains» was held in Odessa, in the Stella Artois Cinema at Langeron Descent. It was presented personally by the director and writer Jiri Menzel.

Czech master of cinema, who earlier, on Monday afternoon, held a workshop for the participants of film school, was pleasantly surprised by the number of viewers, especially young people, who are interested in his work.

«It’s such an old film, it was shot long before the majority of those audience was born» — said the director.

Jiri Menzel is not only the director and screenwriter, but he is also film and theater actor. He became one of the most influential figures in the formative period of so-called «Czech New Wave» in art and cinema in particular.

The movie «Closely Watched Trains», which was filmed on the novel by Czech writer and laureate of Bohumil Hrabal Nobel Prize, became the first feature film for 28 years old Menzel and it has brought him worldwide fame. Filmed in 1966, the movie won the «Oscar» in the category of Best Foreign Language Film in 1968, and it was nominated for a BAFTA Award and the «Golden Globe» in 1969.

In 1969, Menzel shot a polemical film «Larks on a string» («Skrivánci na niti»). The film was banned by the authorities and was released only in 1990, winning the «Golden Bear» at the 40th Berlin International Film Festival.

In 1986, the award-winning Czech again appeared on the list of nominees for the Academy Award with his black comedy «My central village» («Vesničko má středisková»). Menzel was a member of the jury at international festivals in Berlin and Moscow.

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