OIFF 2013: Jos Stelling presented his new film at the Fourth OIFF

The famous Dutch director Jos Stelling that had visited Odessa in 2010 as chairman of the international jury of the First OIFF has presented Odessites and guests of the city at the film festival his new film «Maiden and the Death.» («Het Meisje en de Dood»).

Starring: Russian actors Renata Litvinova Sergei Makovetskii, Leonid Bichevin, Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks, previously played in «Duska».

The plot of the film includes three time periods — the end of the XIX century (youth of hero of the film Nikolay), the fifties of the XX century and the present day. Nikolay returned to the abandoned hotel, where fifty years ago, he met his unique love. Overcome by memories, he relives the tragic story of his youth, becoming both the narrator and hero of the story.

At a press conference author of the films «De Illusionist», «De wisselwatcher», «De vliegende Hollander», «Duska» told about the idea of film, about Russian literature, Russia and Russian people, about his past works, about metaphors of life, about that is it worth to play with time, about cinema and love.

He stressed that deliberately removed from the film «Death and the Maiden» humor that makes it difficult to develop the film tensity, generated due to two opposites — a man and a woman. Love for the heroine, a TB patient, leads to a sad end because it becomes mortally dangerous for her.

This picture is the co-production of the three countries: Russia, the Netherlands and Germany. Three languages — Russian, German and French — sounded in the tape. According to Jos Stelling, viewer does not need to be a polyglot to understand it.

Christina Krizhanovskaya

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