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Art-tsunami attacked the rocks of Odessa

Воскресенье, Июль 29th, 2012

The realities of the body and soul in the space of creative possibilities!

The creative camp is located on the shore of the Sea in Odessa on the «Climbing wall». «Art-Tsunami» is a fairy tales, myths, motor-acoustic improvisations, performances, mandalas, installation, Play Back Theatre on the shore and aquapraktice at sea. The project organized by Shpatkovskaya Gertruda — President of Association «Psyche», perinatal and family therapist and Ekaterina Rebrova — art therapist, director of the Odessa branch of art therapy association of Ukraine.

Shpatkovskaya Gertruda:
— I have been doing for many years perinatal and family therapy. My primary audience is pregnant women and children. At the forum «Life before birth and after …» we talk a lot with friends and colleagues — followers of different areas of art therapy. The core of the participants of “Art-Tsunami” was formed here, at the beach in Odessa. Among the participants are:

Playback Theatre of Kiev «Déjà vu plus» (director Vladimir Savinov);
Sknar Oksana (Kiev) — art-therapist;
Schikleena Elena (Minsk) — musician, performer, trainer of teams of development;
Mova Lyudmila (Kiev) — head of the center «Maluma & Takete», dance and movement-therapist, teacher of modern dance, performer;
Olga Kebas — choreographer, teacher of modern dance, dancer, performer;
Breusenko-Kuznetsov Alexander (Kiev) — fairy-tails-therapist;
Sargunas Tatiana (Moscow) — Head of «Sargunas Aqua Center»;
Bauer Marina (St. Petersburg) — Underwater Extreme
Mitsevich Varvara (Minsk) — yogini, a master of corporal practices;
Ekaterina Chernaya (Moscow) — Japanese painting.

The program of «Art-Tsunami» includes also Extreme-practice: rock climbing, bungee jumping, jumpers for hire, diving-immersion.

Mova Ludmila:
— I combine psychological knowledge and experience of contemporary dance in my work. Breathing, dynamic straightening of the axis of the skeleton, articulation work of body parts, working with the center and periphery, circles, the work on the feeling of the volume inside the body and the body in space, balance-counterbalance, sound, energy, emotion — all these are important components of human life. Laban-analyze and Basics of Bartenieff I see as a universal harmonious developing system of personality. I actively use it in my work combining with the various techniques of art-therapy.

Olga Kebas:
— I acquired most of the knowledge and skills from instructors from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and America (jazz-modern, contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation, composition, partnering, flying low, research and analysis of movement, performance, physical theater, yoga, qi -gun). I have experience of teaching modern dance since 1998. At present I am a teacher of modern dance in school of choreographic art «KMUAD»

Andrei Baranov:
— I am an ideological producer of Kiev Playback Theatre «Déjà vu plus» (director Vladimir Savinov). Playback Theatre is a theater of improvisation, where the «writers» are themselves spectators, and professional actors enliven heard stories and pictures, play proposed situations with the participants from the audience, turning improvisation into a complete action.

Schekleina Elena:
— I work with the interaction and the «mutual influence» of music and dance. I explore and experiment with rhythm — sound — breathing — movement. The body is as a sounding tool, tool (sound) is as a continuation of the body. During operation one of the main goals is the creation of space and atmosphere for creative expression, healthy initiative, the disclosure of personal potential, and of course — getting pleasure from the process. I am extremely fond of to move and to sound in different forms and formats, solo and together, fooling around and do something big and serious, explore, observe and create. I try to enjoy what is happening and to share experiences with others.

Katerina Chernaya:
— At the heart of Japanese painting lies the art of Buddhist monks. This is contemplation and deep understanding of the nature of things, and then through improvisation, embodiment of images. We use classic materials — ink on rice paper.

Marina Bauer:
— It happens that for most people the art of opening eyes underwater, do not lighten up and harboring breathing more than five seconds at first seems unreachable. However, the desire to try, and as I suggest, to play in the model, pushes them to at least try. And then starts the song! By the end of hour of work in the water models safely forget about their fears. I have invented underwater portfolio as an exercise in learning to swim adults, pregnant women and parents with children. After looking the results of the work, everyone is able to evaluate his achievements, enjoy success, and most importantly, see the mistakes and want to correct them. Underwater photography is so fascinating process that for a great shot, we are able to much! And transfer of attention from your fears related with water to quite another «objects», helps to take these fears from the sphere of actual to the field of funny last.

Igor Potapov / translated by Jaroslavf Denisova

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