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«Crystal Love» by Oksana Drozdova at «Master and Margarita»

Понедельник, Август 20th, 2012

We invite odessites and guests of the city to a unique concert — magic vocal show «Crystal Love», the main heroine of which will Petersburg singer, winner of the International Festival Oksana Drozdova!

«Oksana Drozdova is bright, original personality — a combination of the beautiful lyric-dramatic soprano and true acting talent,» — said about her Yevgenia Chernysheva, teacher on a vocal and other musical subjects at the musical faculty of the University of Liverpool (England).

Oksana Drozdova will present you an amazing, gentle by music concert program: favorite romances and songs from movies, songs of own composition and works of popular classical music.

«Childish and adults, naive and serious, happy and sad alternated in songs and romances of this evening, like white and black keys of the piano. Touching with those and other keys, we heard real music of life and saw the multifaceted image of the singer. And no wonder that being still in such a tender age, evolving in spite of all the laws of show business, Oksana Drozdova is loved and known … «(from the article the journalist N. Voronova» Singer Oksana Drozdova. «) Full article you can find here: http:/ /

Dates of and time of the concert: August 18 at 20:00 — Art Café «Masterskaya» (Odessa, Gavannaya Str., 6) August 24, at 19:00 in the literary salon «Master and Margarita» (Odessa, Olgievskaya Str., 9)! This vocal show is a real musical miracle that is worth to hear! »

Jarislava DENISOVA

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