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Autumn. Fishing on the predatory fish

Среда, Октябрь 19th, 2011

“Late autumn brings hungry pikes and zanders.”
A fishing portent Baraboy

   There’s no stopping autumn from spreading its reign, and the Indian summer is almost gone. Stubbornly, the leaves are still present and evergreen against all the odds, although each morning leaves them insecure and wondering whether this is for long. Soon enough they will dance their final dance with the turbulent winds of autumn, and will be laid to rest on the hyaline of the many ponds and rivers of Odessa.

   Patient carp-lovers are still busy occupying the shores, but they are quite aware of their time being limited. The pike and the zander eagerly anticipate the coming cold and start the biting. Intuition tells them of the change of season, and naively they eat everything that comes their way, thus hoping to survive the winter.

   Eager carnivore fishers begin packing their gear and google fishing forums on the web, asking for the carp fishers to leave the Baraboy for good; the Baraboy river being the most accessible Odessa spot for fishing in autumn.

   The time for a carnivore? It definitely is, and no doubt about it!

Rest in Baraboy year round


Ukraine, Odessa,25th km Ovidiopol Road, st. Polevaya, 27
«Baraboyskaya Estate»

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