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The premiere of Odessa’s feature film «Triptych»

Четверг, Декабрь 13th, 2012

December 15 at 16.20 in the cinema «U-CINEMA» will take place the premiere of the film directed by Dmitry Dybin and Tatiana Chervony.

Starring: Nikita Ilchenko, Victor Berezovsky, Irina Chamina, Nelia Kozik, Alice Kovalenko, Daria Vystavkina and Maria Aksenova.

Triptych. Psychological drama.

It is a modern parable about the difficulties of growing up and the contradictory relationship between mother and son. Three hypostasis of human life quickly replace each other: serenity of fancies, clash with the reality, the necessity of a choice. Hero tries to find himself among pieces of other people’s lives, desires, and rules, wondering: Why my mother does not like me? What price he will pay for trying to be an adult?

Admission: 1 — 20 UAH, 2 — 30 UAH.

The second charity diplomatic Christmas Fair in Odessa

Вторник, Декабрь 11th, 2012

The second diplomatic charity Christmas fair will begin December 16, 2012 at 11.00 in the premises of Odessa Sea Port under the patronage of the chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Eduard Matviychuk.

The program provides carrying out of concerts of national and cultural collectives, exhibitions of the best product samples produced by leading enterprises of the region, tasting dishes of national cuisine. The event also includes workshops of arts and crafts for children and adults.

Collected money will be used to purchase medical equipment — blood gas analyzer «Easystat» for department of cardiovascular surgery of Odessa Regional Children’s Hospital.

The tradition of the Christmas charity diplomatic fairs, which attract to organization the diplomatic missions accredited in Odessa, founded last year. Their goal is to attract the general public to implement charitable actions and assistance in the acquisition of the necessary equipment for medical institutions of Odessa region. Thus, during the first Fair has raised over 200 thousand UAH on which the contemporary instrumental complex for neurosurgical surgery was purchased in Switzerland for the Odessa Regional Hospital.

We invite everyone to take part in this exciting and informative pre-Christmas event and join the good works of charity!

Press center of MFA of Ukraine in Odessa

New poplars were planted on the territory of the memorial «411 battery» in Odessa

Четверг, Декабрь 6th, 2012

Tree planting took place by order of the mayor of Odessa Alexei Kostusev for the Day of Local Government in various park areas of Odessa.

Employees of departments of City hall planted 60 poplars on the territory of the memorial»411th battery». Officials of Municipal Company «Gorzelentrest» Kyivsky District, employees of FSW «Vuzovskiy» and «Chernomorskiy», as well as representatives of urban land management and the Kiev district administration took part in planting. Autumn is the most favorable period for the landing young trees. However, due to the warm climate of Odessa it was decided to carry out related works in early December.

Spring at the site employees of Municpal Company «Gorzelentrest» which are responsible for the green areas of Kievsky District uprooted dry trees that not survive extreme cold in the winter. Nutwood is rock-forming tree of «411 battery», but most of the trees are more than forty years, which is a critical age for them. In the spring young walnut trees were planted to replace old trees. However, not all saplings have taken root. Therefore poplars were planted instead of nut trees.

Press center of the Odessa City Council

The contest for the 125th anniversary of Marc Chagall is announced in Odessa

Четверг, Декабрь 6th, 2012

Israeli cultural center of Odessa at the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine declared art contest dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of artist Marc Chagall.

According to the organizers, the competition is open to both young artists and students of art schools, inspired by Chagall. There are restrictions neither on the size of the job, no on the technique of execution.

In the competition jury are invited teachers of art schools and professional artists. President of the jury — Director Municipal Art Gallery, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, the Professional Artists of Russia Nadezhda Fomicheva is the president of the jury. She is party of more than 50 exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

According to the organizers of the contest, a variety of bonuses are provided for participants. But the main prize is the opportunity to become better acquainted with the biography and works of Marc Chagall.

Source: IA «Odessa-media»

7 years of the EU Mission (EUBAM): «Dogs: service and friendship»

Суббота, Декабрь 1st, 2012

Photo exhibition «Dogs: The service and friendship», devoted to seventh anniversary of EU mission of Border Assistance to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) was opened at Odessa Literature Museum.

Our reference: November 30, 2005, the mission, that was empowered to provide assistance and technical support for the border guard and customs services of Moldova and Ukraine in their work on the approaching of the existing procedures to the European standards, was started in Odessa.

On the threshold of the opening ceremony in the Garden of Literature Museum the audience could see the daily work of service dogs of cynology service of Southern Customs. English cocker spaniels Piff and Masyanya not disappointed their instructors, brilliantly appeared before audience and have earned applause.

Then all those present were invited in the room of museum where was presented more than 100 best works of Photo Contest «Dogs on the border,» declared the EU Mission in late June of this year. In all about 300 photos were sent not only from Ukraine and Moldova, but also from Russia, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Ireland, Hungary and the UK.

«It seems right to us to celebrate our birthday, paying homage to the dogs — man’s best friend. Dogs are an important part of our lives, but they also play an important role in providing security on the border», Slawomir Pichor, Deputy Chief of Mission of the EU said.

The EU mission has divided this competition to two contests. In the first contest «Service» photo works had to emphasize the key role of dogs in the work of border and customs departments, and in the second «Friendship» they had to talk about what place they occupy in our life. Besides the winners in each of these categories, the jury determined the owner of the Grand Prix. Odessa photographer Alexander Sinelnikov became them. Competent jury highly appreciated his work «Fidelity.»

What a birthday without birthday cake? None of the visitors left without a sweet morsel.

You can visit the exhibition dedicated to the «four-legged» friends up to 12 December.

Christina Krizhanovskaya

«Christmas story» at the Sports Palace

Понедельник, Ноябрь 26th, 2012

Winter is coming, not far off the New Year holidays, and, of course, will not do without the traditional performances for children. Action in the sports complex of the Odessa Sports Palace (SC OSP) may become the biggest matinéе (SC OSP can accommodate five thousand small Odessites with parents).

They will not be bored — New Year’s show — the musical «Christmas Story» awaits them from 2 to 5 January. More than 90 people — just the participants of the show will be employed in it. Colorful scenery, ultramodern light and sound, «snow» on top and bottom with the formation of «snowdrifts» … In order to realize all plans and show the audience 15 numbers, more than 150 people of technical staff work on the project .

General Producer of the New Year’s show Eduard Ostapchuk expressed great gratitude to the leadership of Odessa area and the city for their help and support in organizing the musical.

People’s Artist of Belarus, the artistic director of the Belarus State Dance Ensemble Valentine Dudkevich became the main director of the show; Honored Art Worker Harry Fire became its art director.

The director of the SC OSP Igor Voloshin told that 8 matinees will take place; one of them will be charitable — allocated 5,000 tickets for orphans and children from low-income families. In addition, on the remaining seven matinees were provided about 100 tickets for these kids. Organizers promise to present children a rich fabulous New Year program — a real feast with favorite heroes of the good old cartoons and movies.

Christina Krizhanovskaya

«Black Magic» renews Odessa rosaries

Воскресенье, Ноябрь 25th, 2012

Municipal company «Gorzelentrest» replaces rosaries in all districts of Odessa. The first four thousands of bushes of Hybrid Tea roses were planted at the Cathedral Square and in City Garden.

In total this fall on flowerbeds, parks and squares of Odessa by experts of municipal company «Gorzelentrest» will be planted 10,000 shrubs of new roses.

«Today in Odessa grow about 30 thousand rose bushes. Unfortunately, biological and aesthetic condition of most of the rosaries is not good, because last time planting of roses in Odessa was carried 15 years ago. Odessa is recognized as the best city in improvement in Ukraine. Aleksey Kostusev got cup and certificate confirming such honorable status. There is a task of the mayor of Odessa: hold this position in the future. Thus, our municipal company scheduled to replace most rose garden and to lay out new flowerbeds. About three thousand rose bushes have been planted by specialists of «Gorzelentrest». Today another thousand appeared at the Cathedral Square and in the City Garden «, — noted the director of municipal company «Gorzelentrest «Alexander Riffa.

For a complex renewal of urban rosaries is selected Hybrid Tea rose varieties «Black Magic», which blooms from early spring to late autumn, and simple in care. According to the director of municipal company «Gorzelentrest» Alexander Riffa, experts of municipal company plan to double the number of Odessa Rose in green areas of the city in 2013.

Odessa International Film Festival 2013 established a new nomination

Пятница, Ноябрь 9th, 2012

Odessa International Film Festival, last year founded the first Ukrainian national film award in 2013 establishes a new award for the Ukrainian cinema — Prize for best short film. Leadership of the Odessa Film Festival 2013 decided to divide the national film award into two categories: for best feature and short film.

«OIFF consistently develops national film award together with the Ukrainian part of its program. Past year experience has shown that one prize in a national competition is not enough, — says art director of OIFF Alex Shpilyuk. We had many interesting works, both features and shorts, and expect even more good films in the National Competition next year. Ukrainian cinema develops steadily, and we hope to add more nominations eventually. Accordingly, the establishment of separate awards for so many different types of movies will be more professional and reasonable solution. We hope that with further rise of Ukrainian cinema in the National film award will appear new nominations.»

Thus, from 2013 and on the prizes in the National competition will be the following:

— Best Ukrainian Film to the director of the best feature, including Golden Duke statuette and 50,000 UAH money prize;

— Best Ukrainian Short Film prize, including 10,000 UAH money prize to the director.

Above this, Ukrainian National Competition Jury can also award a Special Mention in any category to any crew member of the mentioned film.

Films, eligible for the Ukrainian National Competition, should meet the following criteria: full and short length films (features, documentaries, animation), made in Ukraine or in Ukrainian co-production, finished after January 1, 2012. The deadline for submission is April 15, 2013.

Odessa I.I. Mechnikov national university received the gold medal for innovation

Пятница, Ноябрь 9th, 2012

IV Exhibition-presentation «Innovation in modern education — 2012» was held in Kiev. The forum was attended by 625 schools, universities, and companies from Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Switzerland. The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences.

Within the competition 100 Ukrainian universities were assessed in nine thematic categories: the introduction of innovative healthcare technologies in the educational process, organizational and methodological work of the Institute of Postgraduate Education, innovation in public-public school management, etc.

In the category «Innovation in collaboration of the university with labor market» at the National Exhibition «Innovation in Modern Education — 2012» Odessa I.I.Mechnikov national university was recognized as the best and awarded the gold medal.

Researches of the university in the field of education were awarded the diploma «For the active introduction of innovative educational technologies.»

Press Service of the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov national university

«Rita’s last fairytale» by Renata Litvinova in Odessa

Вторник, Октябрь 30th, 2012

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 November at 18.30
November 3 at 16.30
November 6 at 21.30

Rita’s last fairytale (Russia) (2012).

Director: Renata Litvinova («The Goddess: How I Fell in Love,» «Green Theatre in Zemfira»).

Starring: Renata Litvinova, Tatiana Drubich, Olga Kuzina, Nikolay Khomeriki, Satenik Saakyants, Alisa Khazanova.

Three women, three states of the soul, the three eternal themes of love, death and the pursuit of happiness. And one angel of death, that escorts in the other world the soul of those who are able to love. Story unfolds on the verge of Reality and Outland. Uncompromising utterance, fascinating and beautiful as Renata Litvinova herself.

Film-participant of film festivals in Moscow and Odessa.

Source of information: CINEMA «U-CINEMA»

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