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New Year’s celebration in the Park of Gorky

Воскресенье, Декабрь 30th, 2012

Fancy-dress New Year’s show took place at the Odessa Ice skating rink «Ice Ige» in Park of Gorky. Guests of the park and visitors of skating rink «Ice Ige» met near the New Year tree with Ded Moroz, Snegurochka, The Snow Queen and bear cub Umka.

Children rejoiced more than all. Their usual walk in the park with parents turned into a fairy tale with rides, dances and sweet gifts from the immense bag of Ded Moroz. And let the snow was not so much as wanted, but the ice in the Park of Gorky is never a problem, so that part of the audience participated in the festival with skates on their feet, drawing New Year patterns on the ice site.

Park of Gorky , Ice Age, Odessa

Park of Gorky , Ice Age, Odessa

Park of Gorky , Ice Age, Odessa

Park of Gorky , Ice Age, Odessa

Address of Park of Gorky — Odessa, Cheryomushki, st. Kosmonavtov, 17b. Phone: (48) 772-88-68.

The ice rink is open every day from 9.00 am.

Photo exhibition of architects from Bryansk «The world in the objective» was opened in the House of Scientists

Воскресенье, Август 5th, 2012

Charitable Fund named after the brothers Mogilevtsevy from Bryansk had brought to Odessa photo exhibition «The world in the objective».

The Foundation works closely with educational organizations and museums of Ukraine. In Odessa it is a House-Museum of Roerich, and now the Odessa House of Scientists.

The main objective of the Fund is supporting of charitable activities in the example of well-known patrons brothers Mogiletsevy who donated to Bryansk number of buildings, built two lines of water supply and power plant.

In 1909 Bryansk city government summed up everything that was built and presented by Mogilevtsevy to native Bryansk. It was found that the total donations totaled 1 million 28 thousand rubles.

The world in the objective, Odessa

During a trip to the museum of history of Kyiv, with a visit to «Chocolate House», once belonging to Semyon Mogilevtsev, a member of Bryansk delegation, architect Vladimir Krymin photographed about 500 photos of Kiev. Upon returning to the Bryansk was organized an exhibition «Kyiv in the objective.» Over time view of Bryansk photographers expanded and they brought to Odessa the photo exhibition «The World in the objective.» In Odessa they collect photo materials for the following exhibitions — «Odessa in the objective» and «South and North Palmyra in the camera lens»

Igor Potapov / translated by Jaroslava Denisova

Spring, Odessa — Humorina …

Вторник, Март 27th, 2012

   A long-awaited spring is on the street, the sun shines brightly, April is coming…

   Odessans and the guests of the city are looking forward to meeting with Humorina. General producer of the holiday Dmitry Shpinarev told that Odessa will hold its Euro 2012 — the traditional carnival procession will be devoted to the upcoming European Football Championship. It will start at 12.30 at the Cathedral Square, to its members will join a large delegation of Japanese — the passengers of the vessel from the Land of the Rising Sun.

   Of course, it not be without opening of the monument in the garden of sculptures of the Literary Museum, to who — still a secret. As usual, near the monument to Duke will be held KVN parade and DJ-parade from 15.00. At the Greek Square from 11.00 will work «The Odessa rides.» And from 13.00 to 16.00 in the same place you can demonstrate your ability to tell jokes, or at the same time to visit the «Festival of borsch» in Cathedral Square, and enjoy the national Ukrainian dish.

   At the City Garden from 11:00 to 18:00 you can see the exposure of the 100 Soviet posters of the late ’80s — early ’90s, which was brought by train from Moscow, and at 13-30 to take part in the parade of soap bubbles. At 12.00 Odessa Zoo invites you to their «Zooyumorina.»

   At 15-00 on the corner of Pushkinskaya / Lanzheronovskaya starts a gala concert of the second festival of clowns «Komediada» (the festival will be held in Odessa in the cinema «Maski» from March 28 to April 1, are announced 22 team), and from 18-00 starts gala concert with participation of pop stars — Alena Vinnytsia, «Litsedeyi», etc., in the end — fireworks.

Oksana Krizhanovskaya / Denisova Jaroslava

March 8 at the restaurant «Fort»

Понедельник, Февраль 27th, 2012
Restaurant The restaurant «Fort» at Tairova reminds men about Women’s Day and universal holiday.
For residents of Cheryomushki, restaurant «Fort» is located at:
Str. Yitzhaka Rabina / Gen. Petrova

International Women’s Day March 8

   Restaurant «Fort» invites men to give their ladies an unforgettable feeling of real holiday in an atmosphere of comfort and kindness.

   March 8 is a national holiday, which has an echo in the hearts of all women without exception. This is a unique opportunity for men to knock on the open door, and get an answer rather Yes than No.

   March 8 is a traditional holiday celebrated massively in offices and workplaces. Some go to the theater or art gallery, others go on nature, third simply walk around the city, but all, without exception, sooner or later feel the need for food, more material than fresh air and eternal cultural values.

   Dear men, so instead of to sweat over the stove, give their women in this wonderful spring holiday all day without rest, and finish it in the restaurant «Fort» where enjoyment of the cuisine is guaranteed to the most demanding gourmets.

Reserve a table please call:

428-175, 063 079 8836


Location: Odessa, Tairova
Str. Ilfa and Petrova, 57 / 4 (near the unfinished high-rise parking).
Tel. 428-175, 063 079 8836

The exhibition «Wine and Winemaking» and «High Degree» at seaport

Пятница, Февраль 24th, 2012

   From 23 to February 25, 2012 at Odessa Sea Port take place traditional XII International Specialized Exhibition «Wine and Winemaking» and XII International Specialized Exhibition of strong alcoholic drinks, «High Degree». First in Ukraine were presented Salon of Champagne and sparkling wines and cognac Salon.

   In the exhibitions of 2012 participate more than 80 companies of producers of wines, spirits and equipment from Ukraine, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, Moldova and Belarus.

   Among domestic manufacturers of alcoholic products in the exhibition are presented: PTC «Shabo», TM «New World», «CWCF Bakhchisarai», WCF «Magliv», Kharkov factory of sparkling wines, «Odessa Cognac Factory» TM «Shustov», National Science Center «Institute of Wine and viticulture named after VE Tairov, «Bolgradsky winery, a /c plant» Belozersky «PJSC» Pishevik «TM Bolgrad, TM« Marelli ». Foreign wine and spirits for professionals and end users have submitted by «Antichi Sapori s.a.s.» (Italy), Wine cellar PAMIDOVO (Bulgaria), the company Leuta (Italy), Tiraspol Wine & Cognac Plant «KVINT».

   In 2012 firstly in Ukraine under the exhibition «Wine and Winemaking» was opened «Salon of Champagne and Sparkling Wine,» and in the exhibition «High Degree» — «Salon of Cognac.» Visitors of the exhibition tasted alcoholic production «first hand» directly from the manufacturer. In the salons participated PTC «Shabo» TM «New World», «CWCF Bakhchisarai», WCF «Magliv», Kharkov factory of sparkling wines, «Odessa Cognac Factory» TM «Shustov», representation of German exclusive sparkling wine “Pomp”, TM «KVINT», mineral water TM «Costella».

   The centerpiece of the exhibition takes stand of one of the organizers — PTC «Shabo.» Rapidly growing company has an opportunity to provide at each exhibition a long line of products. In addition to the well-known wines, these are cognacs «Shabo» and grape vodka «Grappa». And no wonder, that it was to their table came up during the creative breaks the author of art-performance «Portrait of wine» Eugeniy Atanov.

Wine and Winemaking, Odessa
Wine and Winemaking, Odessa
Wine and Winemaking, Odessa

Invite you to Valentine’s Day

Суббота, Январь 28th, 2012
Restaurant Restaurant «Fort» at Tairova invites you to Valentine’s Day in cozy hall with elegant cuisine.
That evening, for you holiday program with games and prizes.
For residents of Cheryomushky restaurant «Fort» is located a:
Str. Yitzhak Rabina / Generala Petrova

Valentine’s Day at a restaurant with cafe bar and grill

   Valentine’s Day is exactly the day when we can (or should?) escape from everyday life, a little open our eyes and see each other.

   Do you often make the evening special? Try it.

   It’s easy, just a little strange that among a noisy hall you can appear in private. Being among all to live only for two.

   To hear the music and bask in the rays of light emanating from the beloved eyes. To feel vibrations of all over the ether and enjoy the ringing silence for two.

   To see what is happening around and to hear only a thin melody, giving rise of vibrations the invisible threads that connect your souls. To sing your own song your hearts about both of you.

Valentine's Day at a restaurant with cafe bar and grill

Reserve a table please call:

428-175, 063 079 8836


Location: Odessa, Tairova
Str. Ilfa and Petrova, 57 / 4 (near the unfinished high-rise parking).
Tel. 428-175, 063 079 8836

The exhibition of Gerard Uferas «Paris in Love»

Воскресенье, Январь 22nd, 2012

26 JANUARY 2012

   Gerard Uferas — one of the most famous and striking modern French photographers. In parallel with photojournalism Uferas works as a portrait artist and continues his personal artistic research, the result of which is the publication of books and realization of exhibitions in various countries. His works are included in the collection of various museums, such as the European House of Photography in Paris, the National Gallery in London, Museum d’Elize in Lausanne, a collection of Henkel in Germany, etc.

Gallery HudPromo
Address: Zhukovskogo Str., 6
Tel. 702-10-56 722-63-26
Opening hours: 11.00-19.00
Day off — Monday
Website: HudPromo.Com

Epiphany on the «Gold Coast»

Четверг, Январь 19th, 2012

January 19 2012. Epiphany in 01.00 on the «Gold Coast»

   January 19 2012. (Epiphany) in 01.00. — Archimandrite Diodorus, Vicar of Odessa St. Iverskiy monastery commits the Great Blessing of Water at the beach «Gold Coast» (16 st. B. Fountain).

   For inhabitants of the district Kievskaya district administration of Odesa City Council prepared tents for changing clothes, entertainment with hot tea and sweets. On the beach is provided additional coverage and also ambulance, rescue, emergency and police on duty.

Queen of Odessa 2011

Воскресенье, Ноябрь 20th, 2011
Victory Gardens, Odessa Yesterday, at a concert — hall «Victory Gardens» (“Sady Pobedy”) with the support of the Odessa City Hall and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine passed a beauty contest «Queen of Odessa 2011.»

   The competition was attended by 16 girls.

   Following the voting places were distributed as follows:

1. Queen of Odessa 2011 — Victoria Cherep.

2. First vice-queen of Odessa 2011 — Diana Piontkovskaya.

3. Second vice-queen of Odessa 2011 — Sofia Jneid.

4. Queen of People’s Choice Award 2011 — Elvira Baysheva.

5. Queen Photos 2011 — Irina Telnova.

6. Queen of the Internet 2011 — Angelina Burian.

Photo studio Anstudio. Photo essay on the site

In «Victory Gardens» («Sady Pobedy») was opened an exhibition of Vitali Alikberov «Mirage»

Воскресенье, Ноябрь 20th, 2011
Victory Gardens, Odessa In concert — hall «Victory Gardens» was opened a personal exhibition of Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaly Alikberov «Mirage».
Vitaly Alikberov, Self-portrait, Victory Gardens, Odessa

   Solo exhibitions of the artist were held in Odessa, Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

   Vitaly Alikberov’s works located in public funds and private collections of 17 countries, including the collections of the former Russian president Boris Yeltsin, the former U.S. president Bill Clinton, former President of the Republic of Greece Konstantinopulos, former President of the Republic of Moldova P. Luchinskiy Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Volodymyr, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II.

   The composition of exhibition is maintained in light positive tones. The works are full of philosophical meaning and reflection of the search and cognition of eternal truth. The exhibition will run until December 11.

Vitaly Alikberov, Indian summer, Victory Gardens, OdessaVitaly Alikberov, Glowworm, Victory Gardens, OdessaVitaly Alikberov, Mif, Victory Gardens, Odessa

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