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The City Fair under the motto «Recipes from Odessa» will be held at Deribasovskaya Street

Вторник, Август 27th, 2013

The City Fair at Deribasovskaya Street in Odessa is held for the third year. This year the fair is held under the motto «Recipes from Odessa», which point to the desire of the organizers to revive the traditions of Odessa cuisine and bring to Odessa gastro-tourists from different cities and countries.

In addition to the promotion of Odessa cuisine, City Fair wants to support the worldwide trend of healthy and wholesome food, as well as to prove that everybody can see good and tasty dishes and even can arrange a gastronomic feast with a rich choice of food for every taste.

This year the City Fair is held from August 30 to September 2. Time of the Fair is from 11.00 to 22.00. Trade rows will accommodate at Deribassovskaya 25.

The opening of the City Fair will be held on August 30 at 15.00.

All dishes provided at the Fair are prepared from products produced in the Odessa region. Pilaf and pasta, pies and sausages, vegetables and fruits, pastries and desserts, and a lot of homemade drinks — that’s just a small part of what visitors can try at Fair at Deribasovskaya Street. And besides, all guests can look forward gastronomic entertainment — master classes from renowned chefs from Odessa restaurants and gastronomic competitions for children and adults.

The poetic evening in the Vorontsov Palace will take place in Odessa

Воскресенье, Август 25th, 2013

At the poetic evening in the Vorontsov Palace will act:

1. Irina Benkovskaya;

2. Igor Bozhko;

3. Lyudmila Khersonskaya;

4. Boris Khersonskiy.

Additionally, Lilya Shatuh will perform English and Scottish folk songs.

After the end of the evening you can listen to Rachmaninoff’s second concerto performed by Alexey Botvinov and Odessa Chamber Orchestra conducted by J. Shavruk.

The concert will be held outdoors near the Colonnade.

Poetic evening will be held on August 30 at 18.30 in the Vorontsov Palace in Odessa.

Also the collective exhibition of masters of painting «Odessa Stories» will be opened before the poetic evening at 18.00 in the halls of the Vorontsov Palace.

The concert of art song within the festival «Scarlet Sails» took place in Arcadia, near the fountain

Понедельник, Август 19th, 2013

The show-selection of performers of art song within the international Green’s festival «Scarlet Sails»was held in Arcadia, on the central alley near the fountain.

Manager-organizer of festival Rita Kolobova provided free microphone for everyone to try their hand at poetry readings, and then performed the songs of Odessa authors Oleg Malonoga, Tatiana Shcherbakova, Valentina Zakharchenko Anatoly Demchukov and Vladimir Lukyanenko.

Valentina Zaharchenko also read poems of the poet from Nikolayev Vyacheslav Kachurin, and Tatiana Shcherbakova heartily sang a song dedicated to Odessa.

Anatoly Demchukov performed the song «White Wing» with which he became the winner of the bard festival held in April in Sumy.

Oleg Malonoga sang the song to the words of the famous Odessa poet Igor Pototskiy and the unknown author from the deep childhood. Vladimir Lukyanov pleased the audience with songs in Italian, and at the end of the meeting he sang imperishable «Besame Mucho» and «Yesterday».

Today a meeting with members of the «Scarlet Sails» will take place at the seaside at 20.00 on the beach near the restaurant «Dacha Lanzheron», and tomorrow bards will gather again at the «tea-house» here in Arcadia at the fountain at 20.00.

The program of the festival «Scarlet Sails»:

White cria was born in Odessa zoo

Четверг, Июль 25th, 2013

Baby of llama was born in Odessa Zoo July 23. It is the fourth cria, born in Odessa this year — the press service of the Odessa City Council.

«The newborn baby of llama is a boy. He is very handsome, white. The kid is healthy. He is almost immediately got up on its feet and eats well mother’s milk. The mother, in its turn, refers to her duties with great diligence and care, «- said General Director of the Odessa Zoo Igor Belyakov.

White cub — is the fourth cria, who was born this year. Currently, at the zoo live two adult pairs of this species. Most likely, say in the administration of the zoo, from four cubs in Odessa will remain only one for updating of the population. The others kids will be exchanged for other animals from zoological parks of Ukraine.

OIFF 2013: The closing of the 4th Odessa International Film Festival took place in Odessa

Воскресенье, Июль 21st, 2013

On July 20 the 4-th Odessa International Film Festival Closing Ceremony was held in The Odessa National Theatre of Opera and Ballet. By the results of the public vote, Alexander Veledinsky’s film “The Geographer Drank His Globe Away” won the OIFF Main Award – Grand Prix.

Screening of “A Castle in Italy”, the film nominated for Palme d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival closed the 4-th Odessa International Film Festival.

After the end of the awarding ceremony at the press briefing Viktoria Tigipko noted that number of visits increased by 15% this year and that OIFF plans to expand the festival locations.

OIFF president also announced the date of the 5th Odessa Film Festival — it will be held from 11 till 19 July 2014.

Press Service of the OIFF 2013

OIFF 2013: The first prizes of the Odessa International Film Festival were awarded in Одесса

Пятница, Июль 19th, 2013

July 19, the first awards ceremony of the Odessa Film Festival has been held at the Festival Palace.

It’s a little sad — Yesterday passed the eighth, the penultimate day of a large-scale movie marathon — Fourth Odessa International Film Festival. And last night was a true celebration of Ukrainian cinema — first winners of OIFF were announced!

At the awards ceremony in the festival palace of OIFF president of the festival Victoria Tigipko and other speakers emphasized the importance of the Ukrainian national competition, said that there are new talents in the Ukrainian cinema, and they work with full dedication, with great love for their work.

The International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) Jury has also defined the best films of Ukrainian National Film Award: feature by Valentyn Vasyanovych «Credenza» for «using comedy to emphasize the problems of our time» and the short film «Ukrainian Lessons» by Ruslan Batytsky, that «struck the jury with its terrible beauty and power of the cinema.»

Casual observers of the film «Lessons of the Ukrainian» were «crushed» his gloom and despair.

The best project of the OIFF-2013 pitching is the feature debut project “Stepne” by Cannes winner Marina Vroda. She gets the main prize of 25,000 UAH from the Festival’s Official Sponsor – UDP Development Company. This year, UDP also became the partner of the OIFF Film Industry Office, organized jointly with the Ukrainian State Film Agency. Besides, the project «Voroshylovgrad» by Yaroslav Lodygin won Special Jury Mention.

The winners of the OIFF main awards — Grand Prix for Best Film of the International Competition, prizes for Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor, as well as the ‘Golden Duke’ for the Best Ukrainian Feature Film will be announced today, July 20, at the closing ceremony of the Odessa International Film Festival.

Christina Krizhanovskaya

OIFF 2013: Jos Stelling presented his new film at the Fourth OIFF

Четверг, Июль 18th, 2013

The famous Dutch director Jos Stelling that had visited Odessa in 2010 as chairman of the international jury of the First OIFF has presented Odessites and guests of the city at the film festival his new film «Maiden and the Death.» («Het Meisje en de Dood»).

Starring: Russian actors Renata Litvinova Sergei Makovetskii, Leonid Bichevin, Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks, previously played in «Duska».

The plot of the film includes three time periods — the end of the XIX century (youth of hero of the film Nikolay), the fifties of the XX century and the present day. Nikolay returned to the abandoned hotel, where fifty years ago, he met his unique love. Overcome by memories, he relives the tragic story of his youth, becoming both the narrator and hero of the story.

At a press conference author of the films «De Illusionist», «De wisselwatcher», «De vliegende Hollander», «Duska» told about the idea of film, about Russian literature, Russia and Russian people, about his past works, about metaphors of life, about that is it worth to play with time, about cinema and love.

He stressed that deliberately removed from the film «Death and the Maiden» humor that makes it difficult to develop the film tensity, generated due to two opposites — a man and a woman. Love for the heroine, a TB patient, leads to a sad end because it becomes mortally dangerous for her.

This picture is the co-production of the three countries: Russia, the Netherlands and Germany. Three languages — Russian, German and French — sounded in the tape. According to Jos Stelling, viewer does not need to be a polyglot to understand it.

Christina Krizhanovskaya

OIFF 2013: Odessits looked Oscar-winning film «Closely Watched Trains» («Ostře sledované vlaky») by Jiri Menzel at Lanzheronovsky descent

Четверг, Июль 18th, 2013

A special screening of the Oscar-winning film «Closely Watched Trains» was held in Odessa, in the Stella Artois Cinema at Langeron Descent. It was presented personally by the director and writer Jiri Menzel.

Czech master of cinema, who earlier, on Monday afternoon, held a workshop for the participants of film school, was pleasantly surprised by the number of viewers, especially young people, who are interested in his work.

«It’s such an old film, it was shot long before the majority of those audience was born» — said the director.

Jiri Menzel is not only the director and screenwriter, but he is also film and theater actor. He became one of the most influential figures in the formative period of so-called «Czech New Wave» in art and cinema in particular.

The movie «Closely Watched Trains», which was filmed on the novel by Czech writer and laureate of Bohumil Hrabal Nobel Prize, became the first feature film for 28 years old Menzel and it has brought him worldwide fame. Filmed in 1966, the movie won the «Oscar» in the category of Best Foreign Language Film in 1968, and it was nominated for a BAFTA Award and the «Golden Globe» in 1969.

In 1969, Menzel shot a polemical film «Larks on a string» («Skrivánci na niti»). The film was banned by the authorities and was released only in 1990, winning the «Golden Bear» at the 40th Berlin International Film Festival.

In 1986, the award-winning Czech again appeared on the list of nominees for the Academy Award with his black comedy «My central village» («Vesničko má středisková»). Menzel was a member of the jury at international festivals in Berlin and Moscow.

OIFF 2013: Ukrainian horror «Sinevir» was screened in Одесса

Вторник, Июль 16th, 2013

The first film from the OIFF «Ukrainian Gala Premieres» section became Ukrainian horror «Sinevir».

Horror with Ukrainian production, «Synevir» was presented to audience by the scriptwriter Oleksandr Alyoshechkin, who is also a co-director together with his brother Vyacheslav, producer Vladimir Khorunzhyi and Alexey Kashin, representer of the company «3D Planet».

Anticipating long-expected release of Ukrainian films in Ukrainian theatres, the Odessa festival has ambitions to show the national film industry in the full genre diversity: from metaphysical plunging into other worlds to stylish action and horror films.

The action of the horror film «Synevir» – virtually the first Ukrainian 3D picture – is set in the Soviet Carpathians, around Lake Synevir. Strange events disturb the campers’ quiet pleasant holiday far away from civilization in this mysterious part of the world. The authors promise that the local legends and their full of visual effects screen adaptation will definitely reach everybody.

Presenting the film producer Volodymyr Khorunzhyi told: «Total budget of «Synevir» equals one day of «Avatar” filming», though the Ukrainian thriller is nearly as good as its Western analogues, and that it has been awarded Grand Prix at the Third International 3D-stereo Festival in Moscow.

Russian films week at the Odessa film festival

Четверг, Июнь 20th, 2013

Within the ‘Russian Films Week’ of 4th Odessa Film Festival, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, 7 new Russian movies will be screened, including ‘The Game of Truth’ by Viktor Shamirov starring Gosha Kutsenko and Irina Apeksimova, the favorite of ‘Kinotavr’ — documentary ‘Pipeline’ by Vitaliy Mansky and the crime drama ‘Still alive’ by Alexandr Atanesian with Andrei Panin.

The traditional OIFF section is opened by the latest work of the Russian theater and film director Viktor Shamirov — ‘The Game of Truth’, the successful film version of the eponymous play by Philippe Lellouche. The film depicts a meeting of the three former classmates, who 20 years ago were in love with the same woman. The picture will be presented by the producer Timur Bekmambetov, and by the performer of one of the leading roles and co-producer — Gosha Kutsenko.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Vitaliy Mansky wiil visit Odessa to show his film ‘Pipeline’. His picture is an observation of the lives of ordinary people, who live near the gas pipeline ‘Western Siberia — Western Europe’. The film participated in the main competition of the film festival ‘Kinotavr’ where Mansky received a prize for the best directing.

Crime drama ‘Still alive’ — ​​the Russian version of the story of the black widow — will be brought to the 4th Odessa Film Festival by the director of the film Alexandr Atanesian. Filming of the movie, in which tragically deceased actor Andrei Panin played his last role, was held in Odessa.

‘Kinotavr’ laureat, film-calendar of 22 short stories, ‘Celestial Wifes of the Meadow Mari’ by Aleksey Fedorchenko, philosophical work of Bakhtiar Khudoynazarov ‘Waiting for the Sea’, last year’s International Film Festival in Rome opening movie and the crime drama ‘Major’ by Yuri Bykov, who participated in the Cannes Week of criticism’ will be also screened as a part of the ‘Russian Films Week’.

In addition, the modern Russian cinema is represented in the international competition program by ‘Kinotavr’- winner ‘The Geographer Drank His Globe Away’ by Alexander Veledinsky and in the section ‘Gala Premieres’ by picture of Jos Stelling ‘The Girl and Death’.

Press Service of the OIFF 2013

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