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Unusual flowers have bloomed in «Beit Grand»

Воскресенье, Апрель 29th, 2012

   Talented artist and amiable woman — a doctor Svetlana Karachun presented her collection of unusual flowers.

   Flowers, made with a great love of polymer clay: violets, tulips, lilacs and other flowers look like a «live» and they seem to exude a flavor, and you want to touch them and breathe it.

   As noted by Svetlana: «The inspiration came to me last spring with the first spring flowers, and forever settled in my heart. «She creates her great and unique compositions after a hard day in the 9th City Hospital, where she works and helps the sick. Svetlana once joked that the main problem of all patients is stagnation in the brain, lack of demand and a bit of lazy … Time for creativity is always there, it would wish. The exhibition features approximately 50 works made ​​in the direction of «Hand made», which is actively and successfully developed in our city.

Larisa Valevskaya / Jaroslava DENISOVA

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