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Odessa Library Literature in Russian

Cycle touring in Odessa

   A man is born to move and it is better to move the right route. The route is to the healthy way of life. Aha? How much time do we spend by the computer in a stuffy office or being half-bent sitting in our cars? Our rest is sometimes just spending a while in a park with a beer can sitting on the bench or at home by the table full of food, and we have to admit that it does not make our life better and longer. Where can we get some strength of it for demographic goals? And to look good and to be strong is such an urgent wish you see the real look of own body. Or?

   Cycling the fastest and the cheapest way of traveling. And, by the way, your strength do not run out. You might be surprised but your strength increases. You move much faster on a bike than when being a pedestrian or even a well-trained runner. Riding anywhere you choose you are free of the place of basing. You can cover 60 150 kilometers a day and enjoy your communication with nature and sometimes a very substantial dialogues with a dog you meet

   A runner is in much more difficult situation as his feet a close to the ground and to the dogs fangs So, riding a bicycle you can make one day tours to remote places and by the places which are not well explored.

   Cycling tours it is a universal method for making you health stronger and it is a good way of developing an active rest.

   One of the ways of Cycle touring is classical (traditional) cycling tourism. These could be one day or many days cycling tours average or slow speed., which consider reasonable bike exploitation and your own muscles in a merciful regime.

   Though if you want to cover 150 kilometers a day, you are welcome You can choose any route of any distance and any region of Ukraine or world.

   Aggressive cycle touring is one day cycling with a minimum of baggage, a high-speed ride and any road. The emphasis is on the high tempo covering of complicated shares of the route, fast ride of highways and off roads. To this kind of touring we also refer 2 or 3 days cycling tours without package and with the overnight stop at the inns, camping and so on.

   Aggressive cycle touring is one of the youngest. It took its start in the Western Europe with the appearing of mountain bikes and it took root in Ukraine too. Of course, this kind of tour demands higher level to the technical skills and physical conditions of the participants. The route and the road conditions are often unknown and that demands you to be ready for any difficulties on the way. Sportive cycle touring is a many days cycle touring in autonomous behavior with full touring equipment. The emphasis lie on the complex route, which includes pass overcoming, off roads, forest paths and so on. It is important the remoteness of the route from the civilization as Carpathian and Crimean wideness areas, other climate and other countries. Such cycle touring usually provides sightseeing excursions, like visiting interesting and beautiful nature wonders or historical places. To open an interesting world of biking you just have to begin to do that and to get to know that variety of cycling which is exotic for now. Extreme tourism is pretty expensive and dangerous thing, and that is why it is better to start with symbioses of aggressive and classical cycle touring.

   We offer you quite a long way route, but of bivouac kind, which a camping out type.

Igor Potapov.
Translated by Roman Mysak

*olumnist Denisova J
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